Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Brits Try to Arrest Retired Israeli General For "War Crimes" in Gaza

This is just one of the rather important events that has occurred in the outside world while the American mainstream media have been fixated on trying to blame Hurricane Katrina on President Bush. From the Boston Globe:
JERUSALEM -- The former head of Israeli forces in the Gaza Strip said yesterday he was warned not to leave an aircraft that landed in London after a tip-off that British police were waiting to arrest him on war crimes charges.

Reserve Major General Doron Almog said he arrived Sunday in London on an El Al flight for a three-day visit with Jewish communities to raise funds for a center in Israel for brain-damaged children.

''We were about to get off the plane, then one of the stewards came up to me and said the pilot asked that I disembark last," he told Israeli Army Radio.

''After some time, the chief steward said that the Israeli military attache was on his way and wanted to speak to me. I phoned him and he told me not to get off the plane," he said.

Almog said he was told a British Muslim group had filed an allegation of war crimes arising from his command of the military in Gaza from the start of the Palestinian uprising in 2000 until July 2003.

The attorney who filed the charges, Daniel Machover, is an Israeli-born British man whose parents immigrated to Britain in 1967. In a telephone interview with Channel 2 TV, he said his firm is always gathering evidence and would not hesitate to file charges against other Israeli officers.

''Doron Almog is only one of these individuals," Machover said. ''This is not an issue about Israel or Palestine. This is an issue about justice and about the proper application of criminal law."
More on Machover later. He appears to have made a career out of suing police and government agencies.