Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Hostage Roy Hallums Rescued by US Troops

An American employee of a Saudi company, taken hostage by terrorists last November, has been rescued by US forces acting on a tip from a captured Iraqi. From the Associated Press:
BAGHDAD, Iraq - Coalition forces acting on a tip from an Iraqi detainee Wednesday rescued American hostage Roy Hallums from an isolated farm house south of Baghdad, a military statement said. An Iraqi also was rescued.

The 57-year-old contractor, formerly of Newport Beach, Calif., had been held since being kidnapped at gunpoint from his office in Baghdad's Mansour district on Nov. 1.

"Hallums is in good condition and is receiving medical care," the military said.

He was held in a farmhouse 15 miles south of Baghdad, the statement said, adding that rescuers were tipped to his whereabouts by an unidentified Iraqi detainee.

"I want to thank all of those who were involved in my rescue — to those who continuously tracked my captors and location, and to those who physically brought me freedom today," Hallums said in the military statement.

"To all of you, I will be forever grateful. Both of us are in good health and look forward to returning to our respective families. Thank you to all who kept me and my family in their thoughts and prayers."

Via an email from Dr. Rusty Shackelford at The Jawa Report, who has followed this story closely for months.