Tuesday, September 20, 2005

"Terror Doctors" Captured in Iraq

The Multi-National Force - Iraq announced today that two terrorists captured on August 29 and 30 were medical doctors trying to set up a clinic for wounded terrorists. From an MNF-I press release:
On August 29 and 30, Coalition forces, acting on multiple intelligence sources and tips from concerned citizens, raided two suspected terrorist locations in the Baghdad and Baqubah regions to capture known terrorists operating in the areas. Captured during those raids was Anis ‘Abd-al-Razaq ‘Ali Muhammad, also known as Dr. Anis or Dr. Sa’ad. Dr. Sa’ad is an admitted terrorist and senior member of al Qaeda in Iraq in Baghdad.

Coalition forces also captured Mazen Mahdi Salih Mahdi Khudayr, also known as Abu Abdullah, Dr. Mazen or Dr. Layth. He is an admitted senior terrorist, weapons dealer and medical doctor who worked for Wamid, the military Emir of al Qaeda in Iraq in Baghdad.
But these aren't your average general practitioners. Their interests extend beyond rendering treatment to brave jihadi babyhunters:
In addition to treating wounded terrorists, Dr. Layth sold weapons and explosives to Wamid and his subordinates to kill Iraqi Security and Coalition forces. He has admitted to visiting neighboring countries to buy weapons and explosives and then smuggling them back into Iraq, where he would sell them to his terrorist connections in Baghdad. One such purchase was to provide arms to a terrorist assassination platoon, according to documents recovered by Coalition forces.