Saturday, October 15, 2005

Iraqi Constitutional Vote Underway

About midnight Eastern Time, Iraqis began voting on a new Constitution.

"Today, I came to vote because
I am tired of terrorists..."
- Zeinab Sahib

From the Associated Press via Yahoo!News:
The polls opened at 7 a.m., just hours after insurgents sabotaged power lines in the northern part of the country, plunging the Iraqi capital into darkness and cutting off water supplies.

The capital was eerily quiet under clear blue skies Saturday morning. Iraqi soldiers and police ringed polling stations at schools, and driving was banned to stop suicide car bombings by Sunni-led insurgents determined to wreck the vote. Only a few citizens were seen walking to the schools, which were protected by concrete barriers and barbed wire.

Minor violence was reported. A roadside bomb exploded near a polling station in western Baghdad as it opened, injuring two policemen, officials said. U.S. troops exchanged fire with insurgents in Ramadi; it wasn't immediately clear if anyone was injured. South of Basra, three armed men attacked an empty polling station at 3 a.m.; the three were arrested, police said.
It will be a long day, with terrorist insurgents in Iraq determined to sabotage the vote, and terrorist sympathizers in America determined to minimize its importance. Rule of thumb: if you refer to the terrorist insurgency in Iraq as "The Resistance", you are probably a terrorist sympathizer.