Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Israel: EU Violating International Law By Contacting Hamas, Hezbollah

A recently disclosed Israeli Foreign Ministry document states that the European Union is breaking international law by contacting the Islamist terrorist groups Hamas and Hezbollah. Hamas is running candidates in the coming Palestinian elections.

From Haaretz:
"Several countries have adopted a policy that includes entering into official talks with representatives of Hamas and Hezbollah, or refraining from taking harsh measures against their involvement in terrorism," the document states. "From a legal standpoint, such political considerations cannot justify activity that is contrary to international law."

The writers of the document based their comments on resolutions passed by the United Nations Security Council, which outlaw active or passive support for bodies or individuals involved in terrorism.
The Israeli charge is apparently based on UN Resolution 1373 (2001), which states, in part:
The Council also decided that States should prohibit their nationals or persons or entities in their territories from making funds, financial assets, economic resources, financial or other related services available to persons who commit or attempt to commit, facilitate or participate in the commission of terrorist acts. States should also refrain from providing any form of support to entities or persons involved in terrorist acts; take the necessary steps to prevent the commission of terrorist acts; deny safe haven to those who finance, plan, support, commit terrorist acts and provide safe havens as well.
It would seem that Israel has the EU dead to rights. Let the weaseling begin.

Hamas candidates discuss their platform at a press conference