Friday, December 09, 2005

You say Nuance, I Say Nuisance

The American Forces Press Service reports that Iraqi officials are suggesting changes in how certain groups are labelled in official reports and press releases. Despite the facetious title of this post (I just love whimsical wordplay, especially filthy limericks), what they say makes sense. For instance, "Saddamists" is now preferred over "Sunni insurgents". Why? Because there are a lot of Sunni moderates and using "Sunni" as a modifier demeans the entire group.

Then there are the Baathists:
Coalition officials also said many Iraqis want to change the perception that all Baath Party members are evil people. Saddam Hussein, of course, ruled through the Baath Party. Iraqi officials maintain that millions of their countrymen and women joined the party simply to get or keep a job.

Coalition officials now are using the term "Saddamists" to refer to die-hard Baathists who want a return to the bad old days of Saddam's rule, officials said.
This blog uses the term, "terrorist insurgents". There have been honorable insurgencies in history (the French Resistance comes to mind) but the terrorist insurgency murdering folks in Iraq has proved to my satisfaction that none of its members have any concept of honor, or decency either, for that matter.