Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Second video of Christian Peacemaker Hostages Surfaces

Dr. Rusty Shackleford at The Jawa Report, the first media outlet to identify the abducted CPT members, has posted transcripts and screen captures from another video released by the terrorists holding them. From the transcript:
American hostage Thomas Fox:

I'd like to offer my pleas to the people of America, not to the government of America--a plea for my release from captivity and also a plea for a release from captivity of all the people of Iraq. We are all suffering from the same fate, and that is the occupation of the American troops and the British troops which have brought me to this condition and has brought the Iraqi people to the condition they are in. So I would ask the people of America to do what they can to free us all from this captivity.
The terrorists then force Fox to do another "take":
We plea for my release from captivity and also a plea for the people of Iraq for the release from their captivity of the occupation of the American and British soldiers. We are all suffering the same fate, and the only way that we can all be free is for the American and British soldiers to leave Iraq as soon as possible.
Rusty also has a transcript of British hostage Norman Kember. Go to The Jawa Report for the whole story.