Friday, December 23, 2005

Terrorists Using Fake Bombs

I'm not sure whether this is a new tactic, or if the Coalition has discovered so many weapons caches that some terrorist groups are running out of ordnance.

From a CENTCOM press release:
BAGHDAD, Iraq - Three terrorists were captured as they were caught emplacing a hoax roadside bomb in east Baghdad Dec. 21.

At about 6 p.m., a patrol from 3rd Squadron, 7th Cavalry observed a civilian vehicle dropping cement blocks in the median of a major thoroughfare. The patrol intercepted the suspicious vehicle and detained three suspected terrorists.

Additional elements of 3-7 CAV secured the site surrounding the suspicious items and an explosive ordnance disposal team investigated the objects and found them to be hoax roadside bombs.
Another press release indicates that terrorist insurgents may be short on other weapons:
BAGHDAD, Iraq - A local national identified a home in east Baghdad that was being used as a factory to make improvised rocket-launchers.

At about 6:30 p.m. elements of 3rd squadron, 7th Cavalry, raided the home and discovered 15 rocket-launchers were in the process of being built and one 57 millimeter rocket was completed and ready to be fired. No one was present in the home at the time of the raid.
I'm reprinting these stories on the off chance that our loyal, unbiased, non-partisan mainstream media completely ignore them.