Friday, January 06, 2006

Ariel Sharon: Final Hours?

From the Associated Press via Yahoo!News:
JERUSALEM - Prime Minister Ariel Sharon showed "significant improvement" after five hours of emergency brain surgery Friday, with doctors stopping the bleeding and relieving the pressure inside his skull, a hospital official said.

Sharon, 77, remains in serious condition, said Hadassah Hospital director Dr. Shlomo Mor-Yosef. Sharon was returned to intensive care after the surgery and a subsequent brain scan. He will remain in a medically induced coma until Sunday.
But Scotsman reports Sharon's "prognosis is not good", and All Headline News quotes Sharon's doctor:
Dr. Shlomo Mor-Yosef, director general of the hospital says, "The combination of the CT scan and the changes in blood pressure and intracranial pressure led us to decide to transfer the prime minister to an operating room."
A 77 year-old man who suffers a massive stroke is highly unikely to come out of the experience unscathed. There have already been unconfirmed reports of Sharon's death circulating on the Internet. It seems likely that Sharon is on his deathbed.

Meanwhile, the White House correctly criticized Pat Robertson for his asinine comment saying that God was punishing Sharon for "dividing God's land." Robertson should get himself tested for Alzheimer's Disease.