Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Indian Director To Glorify Suicide Bombers

Indian moviemaker Mahesh Bhatt plans to film "Suicide Bomber", starring his own son as a confused young man running away from an unsuccessful attempt in the 7/7 attacks.

From Reuters:
"Muslims are demonized by the western nations especially after the so-called war on terror. The gulf between Muslims and the rest of the world is widening," Bhatt said.

"The film will be an attempt to clarify Islam is not demonic and to delve into the mind of a young suicide bomber to try to find out what drives him to reject life for a violent death."
This is not a big mystery. What drives suicide bombers is indoctrination into the cult of violence espoused by radical Islam. Oh yeah, also personal greed and lust (72 virgins, anyone?).

Bhatt doesn't explain how western media are "demonizing" Islam while maintaining a stout embargo on images from the 9/11 attacks.

Bhatt should research the cult of Kali, which murdered thousands of innocent victims before being exterminated by the British in the nineteenth century. If Bhatt and other so-called moderate Muslims don't wake up, and stop seeking excuses for the barbarians sheltering within their own religion, history could repeat itself.

Also posted at The Jawa Report.