Monday, January 16, 2006

An Exploitative Martin Luther King Day

ACLU Compares MLK To Terrorist Suspects
Jay at Stop The ACLU notes a new fullpage ad in the Washington Post taken out by the ACLU. The ad compares surveillance of terrorist suspects receiving overseas calls from known al Qaeda terrorists to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. MLK is morally equivalent to terrorists, nice message.

Al Gore Compares MLK To Terrorist Suspects
Speaking on Martin Luther King Day, the former Vice President took advantage of the opportunity to fly into one of his patented femmy snits and launch an attack on the President, again, comparing FBI wiretapping of Dr. King to NSA monitoring of al Qaeda terrorists. Wasn't the wiretapping of Dr. King carried out by Democratic administrations? Whoops.

New Orleans Mayor Compares Blacks To 'Chocolate'
And finally, New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin used his MLK Day pulpit to say that "God is mad at America" and declare that New Orleans will once again be a "chocolate city". The mayor was speaking of the racial makeup of the city, which was 60% black prior to Hurricane Katrina. No crackers wanted - unless you're tourists with money.

Also posted at The Jawa Report.