Monday, January 02, 2006

Al Jazeera Crew Arrested Photographing Security Features of US Base In Kabul

From The Peninsula:
KABUL: US forces yesterday arrested three employees of the Al Jazeera TV channel for filming near a US base here, but later released them. Correspondent Waliullah Shaheen, cameraman Nasir Hashimi and driver Mahmood Agha were filming the removal of concrete block barriers which had been installed outside all military bases and offices of foreigners for protection. “We were arrested and detained by coalition for an hour, then handed over to Afghan police, who kept us for four hours before releasing us,” Shaheen said. “The American soldiers confiscated five telephones and our camera, and kept it,” he added. A US military spokesman, Lieutenant Mike Cody, said the three were held after they were seen “filming security features in the vicinity of Camp Eggers in Kabul”.
Al Jazeera claims that:
But Samir Allawi, Aljazeera's Kabul bureau chief, said the team was merely following up on the Afghan government's plan to remove all illegal cement barriers blocking 48 Kabul roads, causing traffic problems.
Yeah, that's the ticket. A television network seen all over the world had a three-man crew watching Afghans remove traffic barriers. Okay.

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