Saturday, January 28, 2006

(Political) Circus Coming To Town

Radical eLeft Pushing For Filibuster

The mainstream media are missing, or ignoring, the pressure on Senate Democrats organized by lunatic fringe, diehard Leftists ("netroots") in the blogosphere. These are folks who despise the idea of Constructionist judges who (horrors!) actually use the Constitution as the basis of their rulings. This is not just blog rhetoric, but an organized campaign of pressure on Democratic Senators.

A few snatches of the hysterical blather coming in over the ether:

Jane Hamsher at Firedoglake says she was on a conference call with "Ted Kennedy and others":
Kennedy says the press have been able to convince people that the Dems are obstructionist; they have been successful in spreading the perception that Daschle was an obstructionist, and look what happened to him. This is something the Democrats have seemed to internalize. They believe that voting their conscience on this matter is "obstructionist," and they think they will pay a fearsome price back home if they are perceived thusly, so PLEASE let them know that just the opposite is true.
Early Thursday afternoon, we broke the news that Senator John Kerry would lead a filibuster against Judge Sam Alito if he could get 41 Senators to sustain the filibuster. Three hours later, CNN confirmed our story.

[Here comes the really funny part-Bluto]

Then the White House called its media whores at the NY Times (David Kirkpatrick), AP (Jesse Holland), Pentagon
[Washington] Post (Charles Babington), CNN (Miles O'Brien), and MSNBC (Chris Matthews) and told them to trash John Kerry for daring to challenge the will of Emperor Bush, and to repeat over and over that Democrats did not have enough votes to stop Alito.
Meanwhile, one of the loons at DailyKos is maintaining a "warroom" of contact information on "vulnerable" or "wobbly" Senators:
Senators are freaking out! They've all turned off their DC phones and their voicemails are full. Let's try their state offices (details coming) and get ready to start calling DC again at 9:00 a.m. on Monday! In the meantime try their local offices and fax lines using this page.
Doubtless, this is the sort of pressure that got Hillary to support a filibuster. Even if, as seems likely, the Far Left can't muster enough votes for a filibuster, come Monday there will be an instant high pressure area over DC as the ethically challenged seek to bloviate enough to satisfy their less mentally stable constituents.

Now, personally, I'd like to see a filibuster trigger the so-called "nuclear option" - a rule change threatened by Republicans to outlaw the filibuster. Filibusters are an anti-democratic "tradition" that sidesteps the Constitution and denies the People their right to representation in Congress.

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