Thursday, February 02, 2006

More Deranged Raving From The Left

Stop the ACLU chronicles two of the latest examples of the deterioration of the anti-American Left. Cindy Sheehan (if anyone is still listening) goes all Ward Churchill on the President:
George Bush, a few weeks ago, said “oh I don’t know, 30,000″, innocent Iraqis. Well, even if we take his estimation into consideration and say “ok, it was 30,000″ … On September 11, one of the most tragic days in American history that we will all never forget, 3,000 Americans were killed, so does that make George Bush ten times a bigger terrorist than Osama bin Laden? (Applause)
What will Cindy do next, claim membership in an Indian tribe?

And the chairman of the NAACP launches into Nazi mode:
Civil rights activist and NAACP Chairman Julian Bond delivered a blistering partisan speech at Fayetteville State University in North Carolina last night, equating the Republican Party with the Nazi Party and characterizing Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and her predecessor, Colin Powell, as “tokens.”

“The Republican Party would have the American flag and the swastika flying side by side,” he charged.
With Joel Stein, Ted Rall, and Tom Toles coming out of the closet as supporters of terrorists, how much lower can the Left fall?

The next step is spitting on returning GWOT veterans.

When that happens in my presence, I will respond appropriately, through an expression of my art.

Of course, I'm a martial artist.

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