Wednesday, March 22, 2006

How Much Would the Dems Sacrifice to Regain Power?

Democratic party apparatchiks and their co-conspirators in the mainstream media seem to have placed their hopes for the midterm elections on the perception of American defeat in Iraq. With the economy humming, the Dubai Ports World deal a fading memory, and television viewers nationwide suffering from Katrina fatigue syndrome, the Democratic Party is left to focus on the Global War on Terror, and to downplay the progress made since 9/11.

Thus, we get the recent relentless drumbeat of negative network reporting from hotel balconies all over the Baghdad Green Zone, with the barely concealed hope that civil war will break out soon.

But how much damage is the Left willing to inflict on the United States in order to start winning elections?

In an unsigned editorial, the Wall Street Journal's OpinionJournal lays out the consequences of a self-fulfilling prophecy causing us to cut and run from Iraq:
We could go on, but our point is that far more is at stake in Iraq than President Bush's approval rating or the influence of this or that foreign-policy faction. U.S. credibility and safety are at risk in the most direct way imaginable, far more than they were in Vietnam. In that fight, we could establish a new anti-Communist perimeter elsewhere in Southeast Asia. The poison of radical Islam will spread far and wide across borders if it can make even a plausible claim to being on the ascendancy, and nothing would show that more than the retreat of America from Iraq.
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