Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Hitchens on Iraqi 'Civil War'

Earlier today (12:44 AM) I wrote about the mainstream media's failure to identify the most obvious suspects in the al-Askiriya shrine bombing and other provocations intended to foment civl war in Iraq, and the irony of having them identified in the Western-hostile outlet al-Jazeera.

Today, writing in the Wall Street Journal's OpinionJournal, Christopher Hitchens acknowledges the group that has the most to gain from sectarian strife:
Knowing that their own position was a tenuous one (a fact fully admitted by Zarqawi in his report) the cadres of "al Qaeda in Mesopotamia" understood that their main chance was the deliberate stoking of a civil war. And, now that this threat has become more imminent and menacing, it is somehow blamed on the Bush administration. "Civil war" has replaced "the insurgency" as the proof that the war is "unwinnable." But in plain truth, the "civil war" is and always was the chief tactic of the "insurgency."
I accused the Western Press only of a lack of curiosity. Hitchens implies a purposeful bias.

Via The Jawa Report.