Thursday, April 27, 2006

ChiComs Kidnap Blogger

It's been two months since Chinese blogger Hao Wu was last heard from.

Reporters Without Borders has said it considered Chinese blogger Hao Wu to be the victim of state abduction as more than two months have gone by since his arrest by the National Security Bureau in Beijing without his family getting any news about him. His lawyer has not been allowed to see him, but has been told his client is under house arrest.

"This case shows the Chinese security services operate without any control by the courts," Reporters Without Borders said. "Hao is the victim of an arbitrary system that interprets the law as it sees fit. We call on European and American diplomats to raise his case at their meetings with the Chinese authorities. We are curious to know how they will justify the National Security Bureau's procedures."
I think it's somewhat naive to expect a communist police state to respect freedom of expression. The Chinese live under a dangerous and repressive political system and Hao was taking big risks by just having a blog. Nevertheless, action should be taken at every opportunity to exert political pressure on the ChiComs for Hao's release.

Hao's blog is Beijing or Bust where he writes under the name Beijing Loafer. He also contributes to Global Voices under the name Tian Yi.

From Interested-Participant.