Monday, April 10, 2006

Illegal Immigrant Thug Attacks Counter Demonstrator in Maine

From news:
PORTLAND, Maine --Dozens of people pressing for rights for illegal immigrants gathered for a peaceful demonstration on Monday just minutes after a counter-protestor was bloodied by a teenager who hid his face with a bandanna.

The attacker, described as a Hispanic teenager, went after one of three white people carrying signs arguing that illegals have no rights, police said.

As the teen fled, the victim dropped to the pavement after being hit with something heavy that the teen had carried, possibly in a sock or a bandanna, said Portland Police Sgt. Robin Gauvin. There were no arrests as of late afternoon.

"When you promote violence, you get violence," said the Rev. Virginia Maria Rincon, one of the organizers. "Our rally is about promoting a peaceful dialogue."
You got that? When illegal immigrants are marching, American citizens' First Amendment rights are suspended, under threat of violence. That's what the Reverend means.

Shut up and take it, Gringo.

Thanks to reader Fluffy.