Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Iran Unveils Seagoing Magic Carpet

Via We report, you deride (stein hoist to LGF):

TEHRAN, Iran — Iran said Tuesday it had tested what it called a "super-modern flying boat" capable of evading radar. State TV showed a brief clip of the boat's launch.

"Due to its advanced design, no radar at sea or in the air can detect it. It can lift out of the water," the television said. It said the boat was "all Iranian-made and can launch missiles with precise targeting while moving."

Lessee, in the past week we've had stealth missiles, super-duper speedy torpedoes (sure, they could have bought some from the Russians, but my guess is they just bought stock footage of the Russians testing one and edited it.), and now this.

I'm almost afraid to guess what might come next. I may rupture something laughing about it.

In the interest of the hard hitting citizen journalism you've come to expect, I have actually obtained an authentic photo of the mullah's new toy:

super boat

For a belly laugh, here's the actual "flying boat"