Thursday, May 11, 2006

Make the Lie Big Enough

Based on his appearance on Fox News' Dayside, Eric Boehlert is not an idiot. That means that he is a liar. Only an idiot or a liar could put forward the outrageous premise that Boehlert was pushing, that the mainstream media have treated the Bush Administration with kid gloves.

Boehlert, a writer, has written a book featuring his ridiculous hypothesis called Lapdogs: How the Press Rolled Over for Bush.

Of course Boehlert refused to cite any individual reporters or examples of pro-Bush bias in his Fox News appearance, but he did complain about the media attacking Clinton during his term in office. What Boehlert failed to mention is that the MSM only investigated and reported on Clinton after tabloids forced their hand by scooping the big names.

Boehlert is in the vanguard of a group of fringe leftists who are making the Orwellian claim that the American mainstream press is conservatively biased. That's probably why the MSM declared Florida for Gore in 2000 before the polls in heavily Republican western Florida were closed, and why they all but declared Kerry the winner in 2004 based on faulty exit polls. And why Dan Rather ran those forged memos just before the election. And why Mark Halperin distributed that memo to ABC employees urging them to frame stories from the Democratic side. And why all three networks steadfastly refuse to run stories of Coalition victories and progress in the Iraq war. And why NBC has run a nightly Katrina story for the past eight months...

Eric Boehlert is identified as a "journalist". God help us all.