Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Terrorist Cruise Missiles

There is a growing concern among security experts that relatively cheap unmanned aircraft, which are virtually undetectable on radar, could be used by international terrorists to launch attacks against "soft targets" in the West. Commercially available, programmable GPS devices would serve as guidance systems, and unmanned vehicles have already been captured from militant groups in South America. :
Remote-control planes are not hard to get hold of, according to Jean-Christian Delessert, who runs a specialist model airplane shop near Geneva.

"Putting together a large-scale model is not difficult -- all you need is a few materials and a decent electronics technician," says Delessert.

In his view, "if terrorists get hold of that, it will be impossible to do anything about it. We did some tests with a friend who works at a military radar base: they never detected us... if the radar picks anything up, it thinks it is a flock of birds and automatically wipes it."
Yet another reason to attack terrorism at its sources, rather than trying to play defense, regardless of how unpopular this may be with the ACLU and the DNC.