Wednesday, May 03, 2006

My Version of The Mexican National Anthem

As you know, an uproar was created when illegal alien activists distributed a version of the American national anthem in Spanish with changed verses. Americans have been criticized for objecting to this sincere attempt at "inclusion".

In that spirit, I offer my own English version of the Mexican national anthem. It uses the tune of the Frito Bandito jingle to capture the spirit of the illegal movement, and Mexico's official insistence that we have no right to police our own borders.

We have too many poor people!
We must get them healthcare and welfare and food,
To get these things for them we will send them to you!

You gringoes have it too easy!
You must take our peasants and give them some work,
And if you complain we will call you all jerks!

We want your anthem in Spanish!
Your fat gringo faces are getting too snotty,
Shut your holes now or we'll send you more bodies!