Friday, May 12, 2006

United 93 (UPDATED)

I'm not allowed to drive for another few weeks following my total knee replacement surgery, so my daughter is going to take me to see United 93 this afternoon. I expect a physically painful experience, as the leg is closest to comfortable when propped up on a couch or elevated. Somehow, being in pain seems an appropriate condition in which to view this film.

Some critics and pundits have been saying that it's "too soon" for a movie like United 93. Absurd. Americans are fighting and dying to protect us and a frigging movie depicting events of the day that set it all in motion is supposed to be too painful for the general public's delicate sensibilities?

How have we managed to create so many whining pussies?

Update: Very powerful and harrowing; after all, we know how it ends. The passengers of United 93 went out fighting for control of the plane. The Muslims went out as murderers. "Allah" on their lips is a synonym for Satan.