Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Pirate Armada Vs. The New York Times

Many of the buccaneers of The Pirate Armada share my outrage at the blatant disregard that elitist media pricks, hiding behind the cloak of press freedom, show for the safety and well-being of their fellow citizens.

RadioActive Chief examines the legalities that might apply to the Times latest efforts to keep our enemies up-to-date with top secret intelligence.

Signal 94 proposes that, since the editors and reporters of The Gray Lady no longer seem to consider themselves Americans, they be required to register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

The Filthy One, at The Filthy Report, asks "What is the punishment for treason in a time of war?"

Hujonwi is glad that the President seems to have located his gonads over the issue.

The Dumb Ox offers a roundup of blogger reaction and calls for the revocation of the NYT's press privileges.

Neocon Express notes that NYT executive editor Keller is somehow able to be lame, arrogant, and condescending all at once in his letter explaining why he chose to betray America.

OpiniPundit points out that the Times can't even agree with itself. No wonder they hate most of the rest of the country.

Stop the ACLU uses its own comments and those of other bloggers to fisk Keller's ridiculous letter.

The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler wants to see some NYT folks adorning a gibbet.

The Cookshack --Gab & Grub accurately pronounces The New York Times a "national disgrace", The White Trash Republican disagrees, preferring to call them The Al-Qaeda Times.

Bloggin' on Down the Rogue reprints a letter from an American serviceman thanking the pencil-necks at the Times for helping to get more of his men killed.

BlueStar Chronicles wonders if the "the Old Grey Lady" has decided to declare war on the United States.

Conspiracy, what conspiracy? proposes a class-action lawsuit against the NYT for endangering the American public.

Gawfer reprints Secretary of the Treaury John Snow's letter to NYT executive editor Bill Keller, calling Keller on his lack of judgement in compromising national security.

Hillbilly White Trash thinks that the time for writing letters to the editor is past, and that further correspondence should be addressed to Congress and the Justice Department.

Lady Heather of Suburbia has a special graphic message for "The New York Treason Slimes".

Marvin's Word and Stuck on Stupid post that Cut 'n' Run Congresscritter John Murtha encouraged the Gray Whore to provide this information to our enemies.

Cross-posted at Stop the ACLU at the invitation of Admiral Jay.