Monday, July 17, 2006

ACLU, Missouri Dems File Suit to Protect Voter Fraud

From The Kansas City Star:
JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - Democratic officials from St. Louis and Kansas City sued the state Monday, trying to block a new Republican-backed law requiring voters to show photo identification from taking effect for the November election.

Republican Gov. Matt Blunt signed the law about a month ago, praising it as a way to build public trust in elections. The measure requires voters to show a photo identification issued by Missouri or the federal government, such as a driver's license, to cast a regular ballot.
Those lacking a photo ID can still cast provisional ballots, which will count officially so long as their signatures match those on file. The law also provides for free photo IDs to be issued to any legitimate voter who lacks one.

There is no honest reason to oppose the law. No minority group will be prevented from voting. No financial burden will be placed on anyone who wants to vote, but lacks ID. The only reason to oppose the law is to ensure that voter fraud can occur, by allowing felons, illegal aliens, and the dead to cast ballots.

The opposition by Missouri Democrats and the American Civil Liberties Union is in bad faith and a tacit admission that they are proponents of fixing elections through the use of voter fraud.

Via Stop the ACLU.