Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Fwench Do What They Do Best: Wimp Out

I know, a real dog-bites-man story. Is there anyone who didn't see this coming?

From Fox News:
UNITED NATIONS — The French-American alliance at the United Nations over a Mideast cease-fire agreement is crumbling, sources tell FOX News.

The French U.N. delegation has joined with Arab nations and is now calling for a complete and immediate Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon as a condition of any cease-fire, the sources said.

In addition, the French have reportedly agreed with Arab demands that the Lebanese force be accompanied only by UNIFIL, with no international force to be deployed.
Yeah, that'll work. The Lebanese army, which hasn't been capable of dealing with Hizballah for 25 years, and the UN, which hasn't been capable of dealing with anything, ever, will now be issued magic wands.

After World War II, I guess collaboration just comes naturally to the Fwench.

Guess I was too "optimistic" when I posted this the other day.