Friday, September 22, 2006

Last US Troops Being Withdrawn From Bosnia

Why do so many conservatives find it hard to take Leftist "anti-war" activists at their word?

From Reuters:
SARAJEVO (Reuters) - The United States will pull its last 150 soldiers out of Bosnia by December, a U.S. general said on Friday.

The troops of Eagle Base near Tuzla are all that remains of the 38,000-strong force that deployed as part of a NATO-led peace mission in late 1995 after the Dayton Accords to end Bosnia's 1992-95 war.
After 11 years, a Clinton-ordered high-level bombing campaign that resulted in massive collateral damage - both in destroyed infrastructure and human casualties; faulty intelligence that led to the bombing of the Chinese embassy - and nobody shrieked "Quagmire!"?

Not that anyone's saying that the increasingly shrill Lefty "peace" movement is politically motivated or anything, but exactly what national security threat was addressed by intervening in the Balkans...and staying for eleven years?