Monday, October 30, 2006

Cross-Dressing Terrorist, Nine Others Captured

CENTCOM reports the capture of ten terrorists, and the death of one who fired on troops. The target of the raid was a tranny:
BAGHDAD, Iraq – Coalition Forces killed a terrorist Saturday morning and detained an individual responsible for the movement of foreign fighters into Iraq during a raid south of Baghdad.

Saturday’s raid was part of an ongoing effort to diminish al-Qaeda in Iraq car bombing capabilities in the Baghdad area. During October, Coalition Forces detained eight other key players and 15 known associates.

During the raid, eight insurgents attempted to flee the area and ground forces were able to safely detain them. Forces detained two others without incident. The targeted terrorist was disguised as a woman in an attempt to avoid being detained.

As the Coalition Forces were preparing to depart with the detainees, they received small arms fire from a terrorist and ground forces returned fire, killing the terrorist.
Below: artist's conception of the transvestite terrorist.