Sunday, December 10, 2006

Alec Baldwin: 'Get Rid of the CIA' to Defeat Terrorism

Alec Baldwin, whose foreign relations and counter-terrorism expertise is founded on playing the role of Jack Ryan in The Hunt for Red October, has decided that we need to abolish the Central Intelligence Agency. This is Alec's "oddly simple" "first step" to defeating terrorism (brave Alec also takes the opportunity to bash Jeane Kirkpatrick, now that she's safely dead).

Has Alec discovered a new principle here? Can we defeat crime by abolishing the police? Will housefires disappear if we send the firemen packing? Can we eliminate plane crashes by eliminating the FAA?

Of course not.

The clue to Alec's Bizarro World thinking comes at the beginning of his post. He thinks that the Right is obssessing about the Vietnam War. Yes Alec, the Right is taking every opportunity to shout "quagmire" hoping to demoralize our troops and the people being protected by them at home.

This is what happens when stupid people play smart people in movies and on TV.

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