Thursday, December 07, 2006

The ISG Recommendations: One Soldier's Response

T.F. Boggs is a twenty-four year old Army Reserve sergeant who's completed two tours in Iraq. Here's some of what the sergeant has to say to the members of the Iraq Study Group:
I thought old people were supposed to be more patient than a 24 year old but apparently I have more patience for our victory to unfold in Iraq than 99.9 percent of Americans. Iraq isn’t fast food-you can’t have what you want and have it now. To completely change a country for the first time in it’s entire history takes time, and when I say time I don’t mean 4 years.

Talking doesn’t solve anything with a crazed people, bullets do and we need to be given a chance to work our military magic. Like I told a reporter buddy of mine: War sucks but a world run by Islamofacists sucks more.
This guy makes me ashamed of what a mushhead I was at 24. Be sure to read the whole thing.

Via Power Line by way of Dean's World.