Thursday, December 21, 2006

AP Stonewalling on "Burning Six" Source

"Iraqi Police Captain Jamil Hussein," the Associated Press' source for the horror story about the six burning Sunnis, and at least sixty other AP stories from the past two years, is looking more and more mythical.

The latest from Michelle Malkin is a non-reponse to questions she raised yesterday, and forwarded to the Associated Press:
Here is the response I received yesterday from AP media relations officer Linda Wagner:

I have no additional information for you at this time.


I also cc'ed my questions to AP exec editor Kathleen Carroll.

She did not respond.
Ironic. The Western Press can be merciless toward any government official they perceive as stonewalling their inquiries, yet, when it appears that the AP has used a fraudulent source for more than sixty stories that have had a direct impact on the American public's perception of the war in Iraq - they stonewall,
and worse.