Wednesday, December 13, 2006

HS Physics Teacher/ACLU Demand Right to Spew Anti-Zionist Propaganda to Students

Stop the ACLU posts about a renegade high school teacher determined to indoctrinate his students about the evil of insidious Jews and the Great Satan America:
At Andover High School in Massachusetts, Ron Francis, the physics teacher is stirring up controversy once again. In the past he has paid his students to work for his anti-Israel political organization, defended the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas, and joked about becoming a suicide bomber. I guess this is what liberal elites consider a quality teacher in our public schools.

Now he is stirring up more attention with his latest brainwashing attempt, and getting the ACLU involved to boot. He invited the group Wheels of Justice, a pro-palestian/ anti-Israel group to speak at the high school. Now that the school refused due to no opposing ideals being presented, the ACLU threats have appeared and the school looks to cave in.
Wheels of Justice is a "peace" group with a very thinly veiled anti-American/anti-Israel agenda. It's Mission Statement could have been cribbed from any number of bogus communist-front "peace" groups from the Cold War era.

Here's a sample of their blather:
The violence suffered by Israelis and Palestinians will continue as long the roots of the conflict remain-colonization, occupation, displacement, apartheid and the denial of the right of Palestinian refugees.
Bloodthirsty, pre-medieval psychopaths strapping explosives to their bodies and seeking out schoolchildren to murder apparently don't count as root causes of conflict. If you need any further evidence of their anti-Semitic agenda, the group's reading list includes Noam Chomsky. Also, the word "Zionist" seems to come up a lot.

One last thing; why is a physics teacher involved in this?