Saturday, December 16, 2006

Neighborhood Watch - Iraq

They have to be a bit more vigilant than their counterparts in the United States:
Dec. 16, 2006

Neighborhood Watch identifies weapons cache to Iraqi Police

Multi-National Corps – West PAO

Ar Ramadi, Iraq – While conducting a routine security patrol in the city of Hamdiyah December 13, Iraqi Police were flagged-down by members of the neighborhood watch and led to the location of a terrorist weapons cache.

The cache consisted of:
(1) 155mm projectile
(3) 120mm mortars
(1) 100mm projectile
(2) bags of propellant
(1) improvised container
(2) oxygen tanks
(2) IRLs
(1) 100mm mortar
(1) 115mm projectile
(5) LRCT base stations
(1) suicide belt
(3) reels of wire
(10) initiation switches
(3) anti-handling systems
(4) Senao phones
(1) unknown sighting system
70-ft of detonation cord