Thursday, December 14, 2006

President: 5900 Enemy Killed, Captured Since October

Deeply buried in this Reuters story (14th paragraph) is the news that US and Iraqi forces have killed or captured nearly 6,000 terrorist-insurgents since October:
In a rarity, he gave a body count of 5,900 enemy killed or captured by U.S. and Iraqi forces in October, November and early December.
Expect this disclosure to get absolutely no air time on the network's nightly news programs.

Credit where it's due: Eason Jordan's new IraqSlogger website headlines the 5900 figure.

Yesterday, Jordan, who was forced to resign from CNN after inflammatory "off the record" remarks about US troops, invited Michelle Malkin to join him in Iraq to search for AP mystery source Jamil Hussein.

Has Eason resolved to turn away from the Dark Side, or is it all cover for some ruse? Stay tuned.