Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Studio Sixty: Worst..Strawman...Ever

It's axiomatic that Left Coast Hollywood types like Aaron Sorkin, creator of the show Studio Sixty on the Sunset Strip, hold the opinion that anyone to the right of Michael Moore is a witless, hypocritical, evil prig of a hick.

So many liberals are just haters, what can you do?

But Sorkin's writers outdid themselves for Monday's show, demonstrating not just the unreasoning hatred of anyone who disagrees with them that we've all come to know and love, but the abject insular stupidity that so often afflicts those who consider themselves especially enlightened and intellectually superior. In their zeal to come up with a new way to insult half the country, they tried to imagine what would make conservatives turn against a Marine serving in a combat zone.

Tonight's crisis starts with the NBS chairman being informed that the FCC, at the prodding of conservative family watchdog groups, intends to levy a fine of $73 million on the fictional network. It seems that an embedded reporter in Afghanistan was interviewing a Marine live for the nightly news when an RPG passed over their heads and exploded fifty feet away, causing the Marine to drop the F-bomb. So the FCC wants to fine the network and impose a five second delay on the news.

After much breast beating, the main characters decide that they're going to fight the FCC all the way, whether it ends up costing them their network or not. And they have some nice, sanctimonious lines about how hypocritical all those conservatives are for jumping on a Marine for using foul language. It's especially amusing to see tools like Ed Asner delivering them.

As if.

As if the FCC would actually try to impose a fine in such a circumstance. As if every conservative in the country wouldn't jump all over the FCC for implying that the Marine did something wrong if they did. As if the networks still bothered with embeds when hotels are so much safer and more conducive to gathering stories from terrorists posing as police and government officials.

I don't know what Aaron Sorkin's middle name is, but it should start with an "S".