Friday, January 26, 2007

President Peanut Issues Kerryesque Non-Apology

After fifteen of his staffers resigned over Carter's new book, "Palestine: Peace not Apartheid," America's worst president has apologized for "improper and stupid" wording.

From the Washington Times:
"I apologize to you personally and to everyone here," Mr. Carter said when asked about the passage by a student during his appearance at Brandeis University on Tuesday. After explaining that the passage was "worded in a completely improper and stupid way," Mr. Carter said he has asked publisher Simon & Schuster Inc. to change the wording in future editions of the book.
Carter's own "botched joke" justified Palestinian terrorism against Israelis. But the Carter Center staffers who resigned did it because of the entire book, not just selected passages.

Meanwhile, President Peanut's friends in the mainstream media have been doing their best to keep this on the downlow.