Monday, March 12, 2007


As the headless body falls to its knees, the flesh of the truncated neck is seen to quiver with the impact.

If you don't like violent, graphic novel-influenced action flicks, stay away from 300. And, apparently, if you're a liberal, you should avoid having your ideology tainted by its celebration of independence and self sacrifice. Several lefty reviewers, unfamiliar with the comic book, graphic novel convention, are calling 300 a justification of pre-emptive war and macho patriotism. Fine, more seats for the rest of us.

See Ragnar's review here at The Jawa Report for a link to selected libby reactions, and this follow up; Ragnar discovers that Alternet accuses fans of the movie of being cat murderers and closet Bush-lovers.

I saw the movie yesterday, and it was the best entertainment money I've spent in years. Don't miss it.