Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Al Qaeda's Unholy Pact With Western Press Continues

Ever wonder why stories like this one are daily fare in the MSM?:
Attacks on Iraq Shiite pilgrims continue

BAGHDAD, Iraq - Attacks on Shiite pilgrims showed no sign of easing Wednesday with at least 11 people killed by bombs and gunfire as they streamed toward a Muslim shrine ahead of a weekend holiday.
It's not really that the Sunni AQ terrorists hate Iraqi Shi'a so much. They do, of course, but these attacks aren't about that. They're about maintaining the AQ position in the Western press.

The mainstream media and the jihadis have hammered out a tacit agreement; if the jihadis supply fresh blood in a suitably grisly and/or spectacular fashion, the MSM will continue to emphasize the stories, and pretent not to know that they're being perpetrated for the purpose of generating press. The MSM will also make sure that stories that reflect well on the US and her military will be ignored or relegated to the back pages.

Now, even sportscasters will refuse to show player fights at games. They don't seem to think that the public's right to know includes encouraging the players to mix it up for air time. Wouldn't it be nice if the newscasters had something approaching this level of morality?