Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Apostasy on the Rise in the Church of Global Warming

Uncomfortable with the shrill, politically based invective of Al Gore and others, a growing number of scientists are becoming skeptical of the theory of anthropogenic global warming.

One example, from the US Senate Committee on Environment & Public Works, Geologist Bruno Wiskel of the University of Alberta:
A November 15, 2006 Edmonton Sun article explains Wiskel’s conversion while building his “Kyoto house”: “Instead, he said he realized global warming theory was full of holes and ‘red flags,’ and became convinced that humans are not responsible for rising temperatures.” Wiskel now says “the truth has to start somewhere.” Noting that the Earth has been warming for 18,000 years, Wiskel told the Canadian newspaper, “If this happened once and we were the cause of it, that would be cause for concern. But glaciers have been coming and going for billions of years." Wiskel also said that global warming has gone "from a science to a religion” and noted that research money is being funneled into promoting climate alarmism instead of funding areas he considers more worthy.
EPW promises a comprehensive list of scientists who have become skeptical of current global warming theories soon.

Will the mainstream media embrace the new skepticism as wholeheartedly as they have global warming alarmism? Yeah, right.