Thursday, June 07, 2007

JFK Terror Plot Suspect Implicates Trinidadian Radicals

Court documents show that one of the accused JFK plotters caught in Trinidad has implicated a Trinidadian black Sunni Muslim organization in the plot:
PORT-OF-SPAIN, Trinidad (AP) - A Trinidadian suspect in an alleged plot to ignite a fuel pipeline feeding New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport once belonged to a radical Islamist group here, a spokesman for the group said.
Kala Aki Bua said Wednesday that 56-year-old Kareem Ibrahim cut his ties to Jamaat al Muslimeen in the late 1970s. He repeated the group's denial of any connection to the suspects who allegedly traveled to Trinidad and Tobago to seek the group's blessing and support
One of the other men arrested, Abdel Nur, reportedly cited a much more recent meeting:
But according to the documents, Nur said he met in May with the group's leader, Yasin Abu Bakr, at his compound and the Islamic leader suggested that he return later with others involved "to discuss the plan in detail."