Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Video: AH-64 Warrior AC 130 Footage

OK so the video of the F-16 dropping a bomb on a IED factory racked up over 500 hundred views. Yesterday's Freedom Journal Iraq had grand total of two. So I get the hint. You people want to see us kill the enemy. Kill! Kill! Kill! You want to see blood streaming guts, veins in the teeth, see people eat Milky Way bars taken from dead burnt bodies! KILL! KILL! KILL!

Video: AH-64 Warrior AC 130 Footage
As they say, Give The People What They Want.

Hat Tip: Stealth.

Does this mean I'll stop running Freedom Journal Iraq. It might, but here is FJI #690. I've already uploaded it.

This edition features stories on U.S. Soldiers isolating Baqouba to catch insurgents heading in and out of the city, Soldiers calling in air support to deny terrain to enemy forces and Soldiers joining Iraqi soldiers delivering aid to citizens in Ramadi. Hosted by Staff Sgt. Alana Ingram.
Freedom Journal Iraq #690
Google Video copy of Freedom Journal Iraq #690
If you don't watch this one, this is it. I hate to, because this is the kind of news there just isn't enough of.