Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Firemen Forced to Flaunt Selves For Foul-Mouthed Flaming Fudgepackers

San Diego firefighters were ordered, over their objections, to march in the city's "Gay Pride" parade:
San Diego's openly lesbian fire chief said Tuesday she has apologized to four firefighters who claimed they were ordered to participate in the city's "Gay Pride" Parade and subjected to harassment along the parade route. She also announced an internal investigation into the allegations. As Cybercast News Service previously reported, a Christian legal organization on Monday announced plans to sue the city on behalf of the four firefighters who said they were subjected to "vile sexual taunts from homosexuals lining the parade route" during the city's annual Pride Parade. The firefighters said they were ordered to participate in the parade against their wishes. The firemen have filed "right-to-sue" requests with the city, an administrative procedure that waives their right to pursue an internal investigation of their complaints.
Could Muslim firefighters be forced to march in the annual "Festival of Pork" parade in downtown Hogsnuffle, Iowa?

Are there any homosexuals who want to be taken seriously? If so, here's a clue: disassociate yourselves from the clowns in the assless chaps.