Friday, September 07, 2007

New Bin Laden Video

Hey, that's a pretty dark beard ya got there! Just for Men?

The video was intercepted by the White House even before Laura Mansfield has it. Apparently this scared the Jihadis shitless and they began taking down websites.
Via FOXNEWS: Soon after Washington announced it had the video, all the Islamic militant Web sites that usually carry statements from Al Qaeda went down and were inaccessible, in an unprecedented shutdown.

The reason for the shutdown was not immediately known.

Evan H. Kohlmann, a terrorism expert at, said he suspected it was the work of Al Qaeda itself, trying to find how the video leaked to U.S. officials.
I've and idea how it was leaked. The Joooo, Adam Gadahn, is actually a Zionist Internet Spy, and leaked it. Hey, he's already betrayed his country, what did you expect OBL? How about you give him the old choppity chop for us.

More details on the new Osama Bin Laden tape here at The Jawa Report.