Friday, October 12, 2007

Another Haditha-style Smear Starts

Undaunted by setbacks such as having the Haditha "massacre" exposed as an al Qaeda plot, journalists from the Associated Press are bravely pushing on with their latest smear campaign against the American military.

The AP headline reads: "9 Children Killed in U.S. Raid in Iraq," and variations on the th(m)eme are all over the MSM (MSNBC's take: U.S. attack kills 9 Iraqi children").

But, as Jules Crittenden notes, it eventually becomes clear that the children were killed by al Qaeda, who was following their practice of using civilians as human shields:
I know it’s asking a lot. But given the boilerplate and outrage out of Afghanistan and now Iraq about how aggressive American tactics are killing civilians, could we please have a little boilerplate, and perhaps some outrage, about how cowardly terrorist tactics are killing civilians. Because the reason why women and children are dying is that terrorists are using them for cover.
Don't hold your breath, Jules.