Thursday, October 11, 2007

YouTube Censors MNFIRAQ, Allows Westboro "Fag Army" Video - Updated

MNFIRAQ uploaded the video below to their YouTube account on Wednesday. I saw it, and posted it here. The post is still there, but the video is no longer available.

The grainy black and white images of six insurgents being blown to hell while in the process of implanting an IED are not graphic. Nonetheless, MNFIRAQ confirmed to me via email that YouTube had removed the video due to "terms of use" violation.

Judge for yourself.

That wasn't so bad, now, was it? Kind of hard to see why YouTube had a problem.

Now, take a peek at this one. If you don't have the stomach for graphic full-color pictures of hideously wounded and dead American troops, don't watch it. Take my word, it's BAD. I apologize in advance to those who go ahead and watch the video - turn your sound down if you're offended by lyrics wishing death on homosexuals; the person who posted the video is a devotee of the Westboro Baptist Cult.

YouTube can't claim ignorance. Jawa readers and others have been flagging this video as hate speech for most of the MONTH that it's been up. The MNFIRAQ video was up for less than 24 hours, so, if YouTube claims they pulled it because of user flags...well, they're lying.

Update: Is this why the MSM mostly ignores the Westboro hate cult?

Al Gore with Fred Phelps, Jr.

Photo of Al and Tipper with Fred Phelps, founder of the cult, from an October, 2000 story by the Log Cabin Republicans.

Thanks to commenter forged rite at The Jawa Report.