Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Children Held, Beaten in Yemeni Jails

For the crime of being Shiite. Yemen is the country where the USS Cole was attacked. The Yemeni regime also routinely allows al Qaeda terrorists to escape from "house arrest."

These excerpts are from an exclusive report by one of my co-bloggers, Jane Novak, of The Jawa Report:
Nabil Mohamed Saleh, “I am 12 years old, the soldiers told me that the officer asks me to tell my younger brother to come, and we did come they caught us in their camp in Abs town for 2 weeks. They kept us in under ground floor, I told the soldier that my cousin is about to die, so he said let him die. After two weeks they transferred me to the political security in Al. Hudeida where we were imprisoned for 12 days. Until now we have been arrested since three months, we have been beaten by the soldiers and officers, we have been beaten with sticks while we were handcuffed. They beat us and lay us faces down”.

Hussein Ali Saleh al-Qu’ait, "I am 13 years old and I am imprisoned since three months, first two weeks in Abs then another two weeks in the political security, we have been beaten, handcuffed, they beat us as soon as we arrive before even interrogating us. I saw Qasem Al jahf fainted while his head bleeding. Some of us have been made naked and they took off all our clothes”.
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