Thursday, December 06, 2007

Boy Scout Laws: Philadelphia Edition

The city government of Philadelphia has decided that tolerating homosexuality (don't ask, don't tell) is not enough for the Philadelphia chapter of the Boy Scouts of America. Since the Scouts refuse to advocate homosexuality by welcoming openly gay scouts and scout leaders, the city has reneged on their lease and will evict them.

The Philadelphia Scouts are too stubborn to make these simple changes to the twelve Scout Laws:

A Scout is Trustworthy.
A Scout is Loyal.
A Scout is Helpful.
A Scout is Friendly.
A Scout is Courteous.
A Scout is Kind.
A Scout is Obedient.
A Scout is Cheerful.
A Scout is Thrifty.
A Scout is Brave.
A Scout is Clean.
A Scout is Reverent.

Gay activists: doing their best to bone the Boy Scouts and stick their genitals in America's face with impunity.

Philadelphia's city government: "You will obey the dictates of the State in every thought and deed or suffer the consequences."