Thursday, January 10, 2008

Obama Bloggers: We Was Robbed!

Now this is fascinating in its own right, independent of content; a deadtree media outlet exploring a story first put forth by scruffy bloggers.

The Dallas Morning News reports on rumblings from the Obama supporting section of the blogosphere that the New Hampshire primary was rigged:
AUSTIN – The results weren't even in when the blogosphere started to hum with a theory that sharply divided Democrats online: Barack Obama lost to Hillary Rodham Clinton in New Hampshire because the vote was rigged.

"Something stinks in New Hampshire," a commenter posted on the popular liberal site

Curious about the "wildly inaccurate" polls that put Mr. Obama in a double-digit lead going into Tuesday's primary, blogger Brad Friedman, a Los Angeles-based election-fraud watchdog, questioned the results as soon as they arrived, and all day Wednesday.
Oh c'mon now, who believes that the Clintons would ever be involved in something this unsavory?