Tuesday, February 05, 2008

HIL2008 Lugubriousness Device Test Report

Application: HIL2008 HumanSim Android
Device Code/Common Nomenclature: TD-2008-0097543(X-5)/Hilly Wets Alot
Status: Experimental
Purpose: Simulation of normal human tear duct action will contribute to illusion of normal human emotions in HIL2008. The TD-2008-0097543(X-5), once fully operational, will supplement voice modification sim ("choked up") through use of synthetic "tears."
Impediment(s): Use of liquid synthetic has adverse reaction on performance of android's other maxillo-facial devices. Can cause diverse MALFs, i.e., hideous braying "laugh," impede function of wrinkle straightening nanodevices under "skin."
Test Result: POS-Glycerine/based compound exuded in small quantity gives acceptable illusion of "teary-eyed" look. HIL2008 android then removes compound manually, or, "wiping away tears."
NEG-Glycerine compound too thick to leave "tearmark."
Recommendation: Use new compound through primaries. Continue to test for acceptable fluid to use in election campaign.