Saturday, March 08, 2008

President Vetoes Latest Dem Scheme to Handcuff Anti-Terror Efforts

President Bush has vetoed a bill that would have prevented the CIA from making captured terrorists uncomfortable. We're talking mainly here about that favorite hippy street theatre pastime, waterboarding, the technique that became controversial once the DNC and the mainstream media saw a chance to make a little political hay with it.

Here's a video posted at Hot Air by Allahpundit in 2006. Fox reporter Steve Harrigan goes through three progressively more frightening stages of waterboarding.
"...the thing that really impressed my was just how quickly you can recover. I mean, they took me to the brink where I was ready to submit, tell them anything within minutes, and then just minutes later I was standing by the side of that pool feeling fine..."
Contrast Harrigan's account with the abject stupidity being pushed by the Left (Joe Gandelman really needs to change the name of his blog if he's going to keep this moonbat Mullen around):
In an act of abject cowardice, President Bush has vetoed a bipartisan bill prohibiting waterboarding and other Al Qaeda-esque interrogation techniques not in a public appearance surrouded by aides and supporters, but behind closed doors. The action was announced in his weekly radio address this morning, a favorite of sycophantic shut-ins.
Al Qaeda doesn't waterboard. Al Qaeda cuts off fingers and heads, puts victims on meathooks, blowtorches faces, crushes testicles, shoves barbed wire up rectums...